With a population of over 320,000 people, Vaughan has quickly become one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario.  Comprised of the neighbouring GTA towns of Concord, Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhilland Woodbridge, it’s easy to see why Vaughan has evolved into a multicultural community with 99 different languages spoken. 

If you’re looking for reasonable housing prices without moving too far away from downtown Toronto, enjoy the idea of being close to Canada’s top amusement park, and love shopping, then Vaughan is the place to find your ideal home! Search for available Vaughan real estate for sale, or continue reading about this popular community in the GTA.







The Huron-Wendat people were the primary settlers of the area.  Their village overlooked the eastern brand of the Humber River, with an approximate population of around 2,000 Huron in the 1600s.  In 1615, French explorer Étienne Brûlé was the first European to make way through area, as he was traversing the Humber Trail.  Due to its remote area, lack of roads and difficulty of traveling through the region, settlements in the area didn’t take place until the creation of townships in 1792.  The township of Vaughan took its name from British Commissioner Benjamin Vaughan, who signed a peace treaty in 1783 with the United States. 

Soon after, the population increased substantially from 54 settlers in 1800 to 4,300 by 1840 with the arrival of additional coming from the United States, followed by an influx of immigrants from Britain.  The new immigrants were highly skilled tradespeople, which paired well with the pre-existing agriculturalists in helping to grow the community. 

1850 brought about the incorporation of Vaughan Township, the formation of its first municipal government, and the construction of roads to link the township to Toronto. By 1971 the newly formed York Region was established, and the township merged with the Village of Woodbridge to form the Town of Vaughan. Celebrating its 25th anniversary as a city in 2016, Vaughan was officially incorporated in 1991 as the first city in the York Region, thereby changing its legal status to the City of Vaughan.



With many of the residents in Vaughan being new Canadians, or the children of new Canadians, it’s not surprising that this community is supportive of their immigrant population and celebrates that very diversity.  What makes it unique is that the city has placed a focus on making newcomers to the country feel welcome, and to help them ease the transition into life in their new home.  

English classes, job placement support programs, free bus tours, and new opportunities for business make newcomers to Vaughan feel easily welcomed. In addition, the city has partnered with organizations like the Welcome Centre Immigration Services and COSTI Immigrant Services to support new immigrants, including a new-citizen mentorship program, which offers guidance and coaching to help secure employment.

As Vaughan continues to grow, the municipal government is undertaking a number of initiatives to help its expansion thrive. The soon-to-be completed Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension will help to create a revamped downtown area with lots of new office space being developed in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. In 2019, the area will welcome the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, currently under construction.  It will be the first new hospital to be built in the southwest York region in over 50 years.  Thanks to the advances in modern medicine technology, the hospital will include a state-of-the art emergency department, modern surgical services & operating rooms, and technologically advanced diagnostic imaging.

Vaughan’s ever-growing population is supported by the popular shopping destination that is Vaughan Mills Outlet Shopping Mall, the country’s answers to Disneyland known as the 330-acre amusement park aptly titled Canada’s Wonderland, and easy access to downtown Toronto for those who commute to work.  

And with a plethora of recreation, entertainment and things not to miss, this city will keep you hopping even when the theme parks and malls are closed!


Whether you take transit, drive your car or plan to go for a walk, Vaughan has plenty of transportation options available.  

TTC Line 1 Extension and the new Viva Bus Rapidway on Highway 7 are up and running. In addition, the new SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal is fully operational-completing the final addition to the transit hub at VMC. The Greater Toronto Area GO Train offers passenger service from Union Station in Toronto, to Barrie, just north of Vaughan, with one stop in Vaughan at the Maple GO Station. 

If driving is your transportation of choice, you’ll find Vaughan is most easily accessed by Highway 400 (North-South), linking it to Toronto To or from downtown Toronto takes approximately 45 minutes with little to no traffic. Vaughan can also be accessed by the 407 Express Toll Route (east-west), but drivers are charged a fee every time they use this route as the highway is privately funded.





Marcellos Pizzeria
3175 Rutherford Road  |  Concord, Ontario  |  905-532-0184  |

Marcello’s offers an impressive selection of dishes within each of their categories, beginning with antipasti, zuppe, insalate, panini, pizza, pasta, and secondi!  Wood-burning ovens and a relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect way to spend dinner with the family.

Food: Italian, Pizza
Price Range: $$
Must try: Pizza di Speck – Tomato Sauce, Fior di Latte, Smoked Prosciutto, Baby Arugula

XXI Chophouse
21 Nashville Road  |  Kleinburg, Ontario  |  905-893-2467  |

  XXI Chophouse is a premium Steakhouse located in the heart of Kleinburg, specializing in high quality USDA Prime cuts of beef that are sourced locally and DRY aged on-site for maximum flavor. Live DJ every Friday and Saturday with special fresh fish features. 

Food: Steak
Price range: $$$ 
Must try: 16oz Bone-In Filet Mignon



The Burger's Priest
7887 Weston Road, Unit 6 |  Woodbridge, Ontario  |  905-856-2662   |

One of the many outposts of the popular burger joint from Toronto, Burger’s Priest focuses on classic cheeseburgers made with freshly-ground premium beef, and simple toppings! Additional options from the secret menu (with supersized burgers and extra toppings) are available only to those who correctly answer a skill-testing question. 

Food: Burgers
Price range: $$$ 
Must try:  The Vatican City Burger, a double cheeseburger sandwiched 
between two grilled-cheese sandwich buns.


There are other schools in various neighbourhoods in Vaughan. The schools below are the ones listed as being in Vaughan, ON according to their addresses. Additional schools listed in Thornhill, Woodbridge, Maple etc. can be found on the websites of the York Region District School Board and the York Catholic District School Board

NOTE:  You can zoom in with the map +/- function, and click on any of the school markers for more information.  To close the school's information panel on the left, just click the <- arrow in the top right-hand corner!




Wilshire Elementary School  |  265 Beverley Glen Boulevard  | Vaughan, ON  |  905-889-6767



Joseph A. Gibson Public School  |  50 Naylon Street  | Vaughan, ON  |  905-832-1291

Louis-Honore Frechette Public School  |  40 New Westminster Drive  |  Vaughan, ON  |  905-738-1724

Ventura Park Public School  |  121 Worth Boulevard  |  Vaughan, ON  |  905-707-6488


PUBLIC SCHOOLS (offering both Elementary & Secondary at the same school)

Bakersfield Public School   |   121 Mistysugar Trail   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-731-8227

Brownridge Public School   |  65 Brownridge Drive   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-660-3083 

Forest Run Public School   |  200 Forest Run Boulevard   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-417-9227

Kleinburg Public School   |  10391 Islington Avenue   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-893-1142

Lorna Jackson Public School   |  589 Napa Valley Avenue   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-893-2829

Maple Creek Public School   |  210 Hawker Road, Vaughan, ON   |  905-417-9177

Nellie McClung Public School   |  360 Thomas Cook Avenue   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-303-8113

Rosedale Heights Public School   |   300 Rosedale Heights Drive   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-882-1864

Thornhill Public School   |  7554 Yonge Street   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-889-1566

Thornhill Woods Public School   |  341 Thornhill Woods Drive   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-326-8626



Tommy Douglas Secondary School   |  4020 Major MacKenzie Drive W   |  Vaughan, ON   |  289-342-0001

Woodbridge College   |  71 Bruce Street   |  Vaughan, ON  |  905-851-2843



Delano Academy   |   200 Racco Parkway   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-237-7315

Hill Academy   |  2600 Rutherford Road   |  Vaughan, ON   |  905-303-4530

TD Christian High School   |   377 Woodbridge Ave   | Woodbridge, ON   |  905-851-1772





There is no shortage of year-round recreation, entertainment, and fun things to do in Vaughan.

Fun seekers with the kids in mind, head over to Canada’s Wonderland.  This 330-acre amusement park has the greatest variety of roller coasters North America among its 69 rides.  It also has over 200 attractions including a 20 acre water park, a 7 acre Jurassic themed park featuring more than 40 life-sized dinosaurs, and so much more.  While it is a popular place to visit in the summer, popular autumn events include a Halloween Haunt, Camp Spooky for more of a family friendly kind ofHalloween fun, and of course, Oktoberfest.  

Next, check out Reptilia, which is Canada’s largest indoor reptile zoo at a stunning 25,000 sq. ft. of slithery fun.  Not to mention, you’ll have more than 250 different kinds of reptiles to see and interact with.  Then there is the City Playhouse Theatre, which offers live family entertainment, as well as performing arts training.  And, don’t forget to check out Peace Tree Day Event & Peace Tree Month.  It’s an annual celebration for children and families of every culture and faith to celebrate peace and diversity together.

Sports and health enthusiasts, fear not — there’s plenty here for you, too! Ski & snowboard enthusiasts of all levels will love Axis Freestyle Academy, hailed as Canada’s first all-in-one, year-round dry slope freestyle training facility for skiing and snowboarding.  Combine that with six fitness gyms at the local community centres, which feature nutrition consulting, babysitting (free at some locations), and 15% family discounts on yearly memberships, and you’ve got sports and health covered.

Are you a shopper? Got someone who loves window-shopping and browsing the latest in fashion?  Then the Vaughan Mills Outlet Shopping Mall is definitely a place not to miss.  A popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike for scoring huge discounts on favourite brands, there are over 200 retail stores at the mall – everything from women’s fashions, to toys, to home furnishings—that sell out of season/excess stock at majorly discounted prices. And yes, there are plenty of places there to grab a quick bite in between shopping!

If you’re expand your knowledge or wisdom, the newly opened Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library will be a great resource for creatives, students and families alike. The 35,572 square-foot space houses a recording studio, video studio, media suites, green screen and 3D printer. The new library also features a café, outdoor patio, reading garden, children’s area, personal work stations and a study hall.  Then there is the Kortright Centre for Conservation,  which has the distinction of being known as Ontario’s premier environmental and renewable energy education and demonstration centre.  

Finally, take in the amazing McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg, hop on one of the free bus tours around the city, and enjoy a free lecture at the local community centre.  Whatever you might want to do with your spare time, Vaughan has plenty of things to check out year-round.



Rounding out our list of things to do and places to see are some of Vaughan’s key points of interest.

Come check out the festivals and special events at the Kortright Centre Conservation.  They start the year with the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival in March and April.  At this festival, visitors can enjoy demonstrations, wagon rides, family activities and feast on pancakes with maple syrup.  Next comes the Honey Harvest Festival in September, which includes music, entertainment, a tour of the Bee House, meeting beekeepers, honey tasting and building bee habitats. And don’t forget about Astronomy Night, where visitors learn about mythology and history as well as how to identify constellations with the centre’s star expert.

And of course, no trip to the Kortright Centre would be complete without taking a hike through the nearby Boyd Conservation Area. This park is the perfect setting to get away from city life, with a hike through the forest, or a picnic along the Humber River. The multiple walking trails are a great way to get in some daily exercise or take the family dog, restricted to on-lease for the area, for a long walk.



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